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Day Habilitation / Supported Employment and Pre Vocational Services

Day Habilitation/Supported Employment and Pre-Vocational Services / Community-Based Services / After School and School Break Programs

Day Habilitation:

Day Habilitation is available through two Greystone Programs: In Dutchess County, Project FAME (Forming Associations through Meaningful activities and Enriching environments); and in Orange County, Club ATLAS (Advanced Training & Learning for Adult Success).

Project FAME
This “day habilitation program without walls” is a community-based, person-centered program that focuses on developing fundamental living skills, socialization, and recreation. Through Project FAME, participants perform volunteer services in their communities to build meaningful relationships with store owners, local senior citizens, and outreach agencies and participate as valued members of the community. In fact, local nonprofit organizations rely on the volunteer services provided daily by Project FAME. Participants provide plant care at local nursing homes; deliver Meals on Wheels for the Office of the Aging; assist local librarians; recycle bottles, cans, paper and ink cartridges; deliver goods to area shelters; sort stock at thrift shops; and collect grocery bags and clothing for Dutchess Outreach, among many other community-based opportunities. This program is available in Dutchess County. For any inquiries, please contact us or call (845) 452-5772  ext. 123.

In Warwick, NY, Club ATLAS (Advanced Training and Learning for Adult Success) is a transitioning program for Individuals who have “aged-out” of school. Our goal is to assist each Individual to achieve their highest level of independence with support, encouragement, training, education and ample exposure to community opportunities that enhance the quality of their lives. The program emphasizes independent living skills, vocational skills, social skills, community inclusion, and self-advocacy to increase their personal capacity and development. Small structured groups provide help develop and enhance job skills. The interests and talents of the young adults are tapped and paired with activities in the areas of daily living, social, and recreational skills. Dan Feierman, pictured above, is one of our participants. He also works part-time at Greystone. Individuals are involved with the community and volunteer with Meals on Wheels, grocery shopping, friendly visiting, and assisting local Humane Societies. Available in Orange County, the Club ATLAS Day Program supports individuals living with Autism and developmental disabilities as they reach their full potential. For any inquiries, please contact us or call (845) 469-3760.  

Employment Supports – SEMP and Pathway to Employment
We will offer assistance in locating or developing a job and providing supports to sustain paid work, such as supervision, counseling and training. Pathway to Employment is a person-centered employment planning and support service that provides assistance for individuals to obtain, maintain or advance in competitive employment opportunities or self-employment.

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