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Op-Ed | Supporting New Yorkers with intellectual and developmental disabilities means impacting those who support them
By Matt Sturiale, CEO, Birch Family Services

Often overlooked, 11% of New Yorkers are living with an intellectual or developmental disability. Each person with a disability deserves and has the right to a healthy, fulfilling and inclusive life, all of which is made possible by the support of family members, doctors, teachers and the essential service workers known as Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).

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The Power of Sensory Integration: Enhancing Communication for Non-Speaking Individuals
By Corrina Riggs, MA, SLP-CCC The Guild for Human Services

Sensory integration strategies are valuable tools to optimize communication by addressing individuals’ sensory needs. The role of sensory processing in shaping our ability to communicate is gaining recognition, with sensory integration strategies emerging as key facilitators...

Increase COLA Article

People with disabilities demand fund in N.Y. budget to permanently raise staff pay
By Kate Lisa and Spectrum News

Workers who care for New Yorkers with disabilities said Monday they no longer want to have the same fiscal battle with state lawmakers over their salaries each year — pushing the Legislature this budget cycle to include a fund to permanently boost wages. 

Hundreds of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities rallied in Albany on Monday to fight for more support for staff who work for nonprofit providers and help the viability of the field.

"We all need to be paid the way we're supposed to be, and we haven't been for a long time," New York Disability Advocates President Mike Alvaro said. "It's time for them to start investing in us. We care for our individuals so our individuals can live their lives the way they're supposed to."

Importance of Special Needs for Children with Autism

The Importance of Special Needs Trusts for Children with Autism
By: Karen B. Mariscal, Esq. Mariscal Special Needs Law

One thing we can do to ease the anxiety and make sure our children are not only safe and secure but can live the best lives possible after we are gone is to prepare an estate plan that takes our children’s special needs into account. 

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