In 1979, we opened Greystone House, the first group home in New York State for people with Autism. Our groundbreaking program — through leadership of our founder and former executive director, Marc W. Kelley — was the first to provide residential support in a community environment. 




About Greystone Programs

Greystone Programs, Inc. is a growing not-for-profit human services agency dedicated to supporting children, adults and families with autism and other developmental disabilities, by enriching lives one person at a time. Established in 1979 by Marc W. Kelley, Greystone established the first   privately run home in New York State for people living with autism. Today, Greystone offers services and life-enriching opportunities for more than 600 children, adults and families living with autism and developmental disabilities in the Hudson Valley.

Greystone has grown tremendously since our beginning, now offering exceptional services and    life-enriching opportunities in five counties for more than 600 children, adults, and families with Autism and other developmental disabilities. Today, Greystone House is home to seven men who function within the range of severe to profound intellectual disabilities – it is just one of 17 homes Greystone now operates. Our services are available in Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Ulster, and Columbia counties, and include programs in residential and non-residential settings.

Greystone's Mission

Greystone Programs remains committed to providing quality supports that meet the ever-changing needs of the communities we serve. We welcome hearing from you (contact us) and encourage your financial support through private and corporate gifts. Please help us meet the challenges we face today, and in coming years, by making a tax-deductible contribution to Greystone Foundation. Your gift will support and create new opportunities for people of many different skill levels to experience the joy of self-worth through personal and group achievement.

Greystone's Vision

All people will lead the life they choose.


Greystone's Values

Greystone programs, Inc is dedicated to providing quality supports adhering to the values of:
How we think about and treat others.
Doing the right thing in a reliable way.
Telling the truth even if it does not benefit you.
Appreciating Differing ideas and opinions.
Demonstrating Kindness and a willing to help others.

Marc W Kelley

The founder

Marc W. Kelley, earned a Bachelors Degree from Antioch College and a Masters Degree from Columbia University. In 1979 Marc started the non-profit Corporation GREYSTONE, Inc., the first community-based provider for individuals with autism in NY State. Greystone was partially funded with a Grant from the One to One Foundation, started by Geraldo Rivera. During his 20 years as CEO, Greystone grew to serve over 300 children and adults with autism, traumatic brain injury and other disabilities across 3 counties in NY.

Get Involved

Greystone Programs invites you to get involved with us. We hope you might apply to join our team of passionate, skilled employees or consider serving on our board of directors, dedicated to helping people with developmental disabilities.

How to Participate: There are many ways to get involved with Greystone and to support our expressive arts and other life-enriching programs. From time to time we may need volunteers or community involvement to support Greystone initiatives.

We invite you to help with:

  • Letter writing campaigns
  • Lobbying elected officials
  • Speaking at public forums
  • Participating in awareness-raising events

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