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Q & A With Al Macur - Director of Information Technology

What is your role within Greystone Programs?

Q & A With Al Macur - Director of Information Technology
Al Macur - Director of Information Technology

Director of Information Technology, responsible for all corporate systems and data. In addition, we provide end user support for residence managers, assistant managers, all administrative employees and day and community-based employees.

How does technology and the IT Department support Greystone’s Individuals?

Technology is a growing trend with our individuals. The IT Department supports the technology inclusion coordinatorin deploying technologies that the department has found and sourced to help our individuals be more independent. Outside of that we provide high-speed internet to all of our locations in a very secure deployment. This bandwidth allows us to have a smart home framework that will be released to all residences in 2021.

How has technology impacted Greystone during the Pandemic?

Technology has enabled Greystone to continue to provide our services to our individuals and community by allowing our employees to work anytime anywhere. Remote computing has been a growing trend, which exploded during the start of the pandemic. Greystone was ready for this trend and our remote work environment has proven to be very successful.

How is technology moving Greystone forward?

Greystone is "State-of-the-Art" first and foremost in the care and supports we provide to our individuals, but also in IT. We have best-in-class security to protect our employees, their data and our individuals' data. We have an extremely well-trained IT workforce that can solve just about any issue, and provide avenues to continue to be state-of-the-art. We continue to increase our offerings and tools to our individuals and the technology will enable our workforce to be more operationally excellent so we can have even more time serving our mission.

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