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Greystone Programs Leap for Autism leapers tell us "why" they continue to be a Champion for Autism!

Updated: Apr 29


Greystone Programs asked its leapers why to they Leap for Autism and this is what a few of our supporters said...

Alexandra Ciulla- "To help support the individuals I work with to become as independent as possible while having enriching and happy lives!"

Candice and her nephew Jayson

Candice Ramey-"I am Leaping for the 3rd time for my nephew Jayzon James. I also leap for all my family and friends with loved ones who also have Autism. This is my 3rd year taking the Leap. I support this organization’s mission and I want it to have a greater impact on the community. I also do this for my handsome nephew Jayzon James. He is such a warrior. I also do it for my family and friends who have loved ones with Autism. Every year I make a shirt and include all the names of the people who have donated so they leap with me."

Tracilyn Vaticano- "The Leap for Autism is a wonderful opportunity to share awareness , encourage acceptance  for those with autism , as well as to raise funds for all the EXTRAS that only enhance the quality of each person's daily life! Every year I share the reason why I do this....this year it is for our Team Captain Karena, and all those who are working hard every day , working towards their dreams and living life to it's fullest!

I am so proud to support her and every single person here at Greystone as they learn, grow and shine even brighter !!

This is the 8th year I am leaping.... I do it every single year because I believe in the mission and all the AMAZING things we get to use these funds for!

Tracilyn In the Air

These funds go to all the " extras" -- the equine therapy, the yoga, the art classes, the music therapies......all the life enriching activities we don't get funded for at Greystone!

These therapeutic endeavors, these opportunities,  allow each person to live a more meaningful and a more beautiful life….."

AJ  Turner- “I was diagnosed with autism”

Dean Bredthauer- “I have autism. I want to do skydiving because I’ve seen this event and have always been interested and I don’t fear of looking out the window of a plane. As an individual with autism, I participate in some of Greystone Programs activities that they run. I support this organization’s mission and I want it to have a greater impact on the community. 

I have been wanting to skydive for a long time. Unlike my Mom I don't have fear of jumping out of a plane or looking out the window of a plane. I have seen this program over the last few years but wasn't able to participate, and I'm happy to be old enough and able to do it. 

I'm hoping you'll support me in my goal, please contribute whatever amount you feel comfortable with, I appreciate any amount you would contribute to me.

If you want to come and watch, that would be great too. 

My autism makes it take awhile to understand things, I am very smart in a lot of areas like with movies. I want to participate because I've wanted to skydive for years, and this accomplishment will help me know that I can do hard things."

Brittany  LaChausse - "The people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with who have autism have amazed me on a dear daily basis with their hope and determination to live in and be part of a more inclusive world. Communication is not always words, communication is action, love and inclusion."

Raina Levy- "I work in the field and I’m very passionate about what I do and passionate about the cause."

Biran, Tracilyn and Angelo Supporting Leap For Autism

Brian K Marcinkowski- "Greystone Programs is the best at providing services to individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities."

Alexis Breedlove- "The people I support deserve to have strong resilient staff who will go above and beyond for them."

Taylor Ruseskas- "I am a champion for autism for the individuals I support. I will take a leap for them. #TeamNewHack"

Daniel and his brother Matty

Daniel- "I jump each year to raise money for Greystone, for Matty, my younger brother. I know that the money goes to programs that make life nicer for all those who Greystone works for."


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