Q & A With Patricia Seholm Programs Coordinator at Greystone's Pleasant Ridge IRA

Patricia Seholm

What is your role with Greystone Programs?
I am the Programs Coordinator at Greystone’s Pleasant Ridge IRA. My everyday responsibilities include the financials, maintenance, keeping the house running, and making sure the individuals in the house are safe and healthy. I also work with the nurse to ensure everyone is up to date with their medical needs.

What is it like to have autism spectrum disorder and work with individuals on the spectrum?
I feel like I better understand the needs of the individuals. Everyone is different, and it is not a one-stop shop. With my knowledge and experience, I have compassion towards people living with a disability. There are other people like me who are living with families and the same as how a neuro normative person would be.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the people I work with in the house. Each of them has their own personality. The staff are very cohesive and are a smooth running machine. I appreciate the fact that they work so well with me.

Any tips for others living with autism or other developmental disabilities?

The best thing that I can say to anyone who has autism or a disability is to go for it and not let anyone tell you what you can’t do. You need to make things happen for yourself; whatever kind of disability you have will not stop your mindset from going for it. I have this job, I’m married, and you can have that as well. Don’t be scared of your shortcomings. For those questioning if they can do something – the answer is yes!