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  • 09/04/2020 - Kellyann Pascarella 0 Comments
    2020 Mission Moment Online Auction


    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, we have pivoted our traditional in-person Annual International Wine Showcase and Auction to a contactless, online event from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere! Our Mission Moment Online Auction was a week-long event that began at Noon on October 18, 2020 and concluded at 5:30 pm on October 25, 2020. 

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  • 08/06/2020 - Kellyann Pascarella 0 Comments
    COVID-19 Relief

    Make a Donation

    The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has come at a tremendous cost to most. Through it all, Greystone adapts and continues to provide the quality services to those on the autism spectrum and with developmental disabilities entrusted to our care. However, there were costs to Greystone Programs that were not included in the 2020 budget. While our mission of providing quality services never wavered, the expenses continue. From the onset of the pandemic, our top priority is to safeguard the health and well-being of those we support and our employees, which requires unplanned expenses including Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

    This year our fundraising efforts are more important than ever with the financial strain of COVID-19, and lost revenue due to the New York State PAUSE order. With the uncertainty of our in-person fundraising events, we must rely on our Champions for Autism community like you to help bridge the gap.

    We do not fundraise because it is fun, we do it because it matters. We do it each year because it changes the lives of those around us and gives individuals the support needed to meet their potential. It is about expanding each person’s opportunities and providing the resources needed to live robust and fulfilling lives. And this year, your support is needed more than ever just to sustain the basic daily norms within our community.

    With your help, we are confident we can overcome our challenges and fulfill our critical mission to its fullest. Your gift, no matter how small, will make a difference.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Sara Greenberg-Hoye
    Chief Advancement Officer
    Greystone Programs, Inc.

    Skip Pryce

    Chief Executive Officer
    Greystone Programs, Inc.

    Terry Copeland

    Greystone Board of Directors

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  • 02/04/2020 - Kellyann Pascarella 0 Comments
    5th Annual Leap for Autism

    For more information visit:

    Event Details
    Leap for Autism! Our annual event raises awareness and funds for vital services offered by Greystone Programs, Inc. where no funding exists. These programs include a range of therapeutic expressive arts: music, dance, equine, art therapies and other services.

    Be a champion for autism in the air or on the ground! Whether a tandem or virtual skydiver, take to the sky for an exhilarating adventure of a lifetime while giving back to a great cause. The Leap for Autism has fun for all ages, music, food, craft beer/cider and freefall — something for all!

    Your contribution will support Greystone’s Expressive Arts programs and other services. We are dedicated to supporting children, adults and families living with autism and other developmental disabilities by enriching lives one person at a time.

    Rain Date: TBD 
    Please note: This event may be postponed due to rain and wind. So, BEFORE you leave for the Ranch, please call: 845-452-5772 to ensure that there hasn’t been a cancellation. There will be a recorded message if anything has changed. Also, check out Facebook for updates!

    Ways to Participate

    Virtual skydiVR  Individual or Team (Appropriate for all ages)
    Minimum of $250 per person (unlimited team size)
    • Includes a simulated skydive, t-shirt, lunch and beverage

    Tandem Skydive – Individual or Team (Must be 18 years of age or older)
    Minimum of $500 per person (maximum of 11 team members)
    • Includes a tandem skydive, t-shirt, lunch and beverage

    Support a Leaper/Leap Team 
    • Donate to a registered leaper or a leap team to help make an impact

    General Donation
    • Donate to Greystone Programs’ mission of supporting children, adults and families living with Autism and other developmental disabilities

    Virtual  skydiVR™ Challenge
    • Raise $500 per person by 4/15/20 and get an invitation for two to the  Exclusive VIP Launch Party at Sloop Brewing on April 24, 2020  

    Raise $1,000 per person by 4/15/20 and get a $100 Culinary Institute of America gift certificate in addition to 2 tickets to the  Exclusive VIP Launch Party at Sloop Brewing on April 24, 2020  

    Tandem Skydive Challenge
    • Raise $1,000 per person by 4/15/20  and get an invitation for two to the  Exclusive VIP Launch Party at Sloop Brewing on April 24, 2020  

    • Raise $1,500 per person by 4/15/20 and get a video of  your skydive from the air to the ground, a $100 Culinary Institute of America gift certificate, 2 tickets for a tour at Angry Orchard in addition to 2 tickets to the  Exclusive VIP Launch Party at Sloop Brewing on April 24, 2020 

    ***Highest Individual Fundraiser in total dollars raised will receive public recognition and a special incentive.***

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  • 12/13/2019 - Kellyann Pascarella 0 Comments
    At Home for the Holidays with Rosemarie
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  • 06/21/2019 - Kellyann Pascarella 0 Comments
    30th Annual International Wine Showcase & Auction

    Our 30th Annual International Wine Showcase

    and Auction was a smashing success! 

    Check out the pictures below

    Copyright Philip Liu Photography
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  • 12/31/2018 - Kellyann Pascarella 0 Comments
    Gina’s story is a reflection of Greystone Programs in 2018

    ​​Each year over 1,000 individuals with Autism age out of residential schools in New York and are in need of placement. In addition the list grows by the thousands as aging parents look for placement. Here is just one of the many stories.

    Until November of 2018, Gina had lived at home with her mother in the Hudson Valley. Her mother tried her very best, yet struggled to care for her daughter and provide all the supports she required. Gina could be combative when it came to her own self-care and often refused medical treatment. She was often lying on the ground refusing help to get into her wheelchair.

    It was late October when Gina’s mother’s worst fears came true. Her mother was suddenly and unexpectedly hospitalized, leaving Gina alone with no one to care for her. Emergency respite placement was found, however this home was not wheelchair accessible. Gina was unable to leave the home without being carried up and down multiple flights of stairs. She was unhappy and angry about her situation and became even more resistant to care and treatment.

    Unfortunately, her mother’s prognosis was very poor, and Gina needed both an immediate place that was wheelchair accessible, as well as a long-term place to call home. Greystone learned of Gina’s situation and swiftly stepped in to assist. We welcomed Gina to our home in Wappingers Falls in the middle of November. She quickly became comfortable with her housemates. On her first night there, she chose to join a few of her new friends at a rehearsal for the holiday extravaganza scheduled for December.

    Sadly, Gina’s mother passed on Thanksgiving evening. Everyone that knew her mother felt she held on until she knew Gina was safe and well cared for. It was a sad day for Gina, but she had prepared as best as she could for this day with the help of the experienced and compassionate staff who now have become, in Gina’s words, "my family". Music and art therapy helped her to release her sadness at the loss of her mother and allowed her to find her inner strength. Gina has blossomed in the short time in her new home, with her new "family" and friends. Lots of tears were shed the night she sang her solo at Greystone’s Holiday Extravaganza on December 20th.

    Greystone provided Gina with the opportunity to find quite possibly her forever home. Your generosity towards Greystone allows us to continue to support Gina and many others.

    As we start the New Year, we look back on the last year with appreciation for so many whose lives we have been able to impact throughout the Hudson Valley. Gina is one person we were glad to assist, and someone whose resolve has touched us. It is because of you, and your generous contributions have been able to help so many people in our community.

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