Past Interns

“Interning at Greystone Programs has been such a rewarding and educational experience. Being apart of the behavioral supports department, I have found my place and love all the work that goes into our supported individuals. The one thing I have learned about being a part of Greystone is what it means to be inclusive and how to create an inclusive environment for the community of people Greystone works with. I want to thank Greystone and the entire Behavioral Supports Department for making me feel so welcomed and for sharing all their knowledge with me! It was a pleasure!"

– Aliza Santos, Behavioral Supports

“Greystone has provided me with such an eye-opening experience in the field of IT! This internship gave me the opportunity to directly translate the material I learned in the classroom and apply it straight to the real world. With the friendly office environment and helpful and supportive IT staff, Greystone was able to make me feel extremely comfortable about pursuing a career in IT.”
– Cameron Pagan, IT Intern

“I have had such a wonderful time interning at Greystone! There is an amazing and supportive staff to help guide me and made my internship a wonderful experience. Getting to interact with the children at Club COOL has shown me what it is like to work in the human services field and I have learned so much. Thank you!”

– Katelyn Deehan, Club COOL Intern

“Interning at Greystone has been wonderful. It has given me great experience and shown me that I want to continue working within this field. Club Cool taught me something new every day. I enjoyed being able to help the kids and watch them grow. They are such a sweet group. I am extremely grateful to have been surrounded by an awesome support system at Greystone!”


– Julia Fitzpatrick, Club COOL Intern

“Interning at Greystone has been such a great experience! I’ve learned so much from the Human Resources Department and can’t wait to use what I’ve learned in the future! Greystone has supported me every step of the way throughout my internship and truly made it a wonderful experience.”​ 

– Megan LaPerche, HR Intern

“Interning at Greystone has been such an amazing experience! The Behavioral Supports Department has taught me so much, as well as everyone at Greystone. Interning with this specific department has taught me that I want to continue working in this field. I am so grateful for this experience!” 

– Eleni Drautz, Behavioral Supports Intern​

“Interning at Greystone Programs was an incredible experience. From the friendliness of the staff to the invaluable knowledge, they gave me. Working hands-on in the IT department and with users gave me the important experience I need to continue pursuing my career.”

– Michael Romanik, IT Intern

“The experience and knowledge gained from Greystone will carry with me forever. The staff is very friendly and always willing to help. Greystone staff has taught me how wonderful and effective ABA therapy is. The Greystone family has truly inspired me to lead a career involved in helping individuals with Developmental/intellectual disabilities. Thank you for everything!”


– Kyle Perrucci, Behavioral Supports Intern

“Interning at Greystone Programs has been such a wonderful experience! I’ve learned so much from the Behavior Supports Department and all the staff here at Greystone. They always made sure I was getting all of the experience I needed and I learned something new every day I was here. My internship at Greystone has validated that I do want to work in the field with individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities.”


– Kim Gries, Behavioral Supports Intern

“As a Behavioral Supports intern, I received a priceless amount of guidance and was provided with hands-on opportunities that will serve me well down the road. Being a part of the Greystone family has inspired me to pursue a career in the field of working with people with developmental/intellectual disabilities.”

~ Peyton Heyde, Behavioral Supports Intern

“Interning at Greystone Programs has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience. The people who make up Greystone are amazing to work with and have such big hearts. I have learned many things working here and I will carry these skills into whatever I do next. I will truly miss the Greystone family who I have come to love so much!”

– Rayanna Furphy, Advancement Dept Intern

“The staff at Greystone made me feel so welcome. They always made sure that they were teaching me what I needed to know. The most important thing I have learned is how important the utilization of ABA therapy is for an individual on the autism spectrum. From sitting in on ABA sessions, I’ve seen how effective it is. It helps inspire the individual so that they can be successful.

– Julie Battistoni, Behavioral Specialist Intern

Explore a Career in Human Services…

Greystone Programs welcomes students who are interested in learning more about developmental disabilities and exploring a career in Human Services. We have a wide variety of internship/fieldwork opportunities working closely with professionals in our field. Business students are also encouraged to apply for internships in Human Resources, Development, Finance and Information Technology. For a description of typical internship assignments we have available, click here.

To apply for an internship placement with Greystone Programs:

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