When COVID Hits Home

Meet Charlie, an upbeat and positive resident of Gresytone’s Van Kirk home. One of Charlie’s favorite things to do is to visit his sister Amy every other weekend. Their time together means the world to Charlie. They Venture out together by shopping, grabbing something to eat and counting down the days to his annual family vacation to Texas. That all changed with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and drastically altered Charlies’s Life. Fortunately for Charlie, he is in great care, as Greystone’s staff immediately adapted to preserving the highest quality of life for him and others. Frontline Hero assisted Charlie with Keeping in touch with his family through FaceTime and phonically at least three times a week. Prior to resuming in-person visits, Charlie was able to visit Amy through the wind to his spirits high. Through the challenges of the pandemic and associated isolation, Greystone’s staff continues to preserve and fulfill Greystone’s mission of enriching lives, like Charlie’s, one person at a time, The greatest reward is seeing Charlie happy! 

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The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has come at a tremendous cost to most. Through it all, Greystone adapts and continues to provide the quality services to those on the autism spectrum and with developmental disabilities entrusted to our care. However, there were costs to Greystone Programs that were not included in the 2020 budget. While our mission of providing quality services never wavered, the expenses continue. From the onset of the pandemic, our top priority is to safeguard the health and well-being of those we support and our employees, which requires unplanned expenses including Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

This year our fundraising efforts are more important than ever with the financial strain of COVID-19, and lost revenue due to the New York State PAUSE order. With the uncertainty of our in-person fundraising events, we must rely on our Champions for Autism community like you to help bridge the gap.

We do not fundraise because it is fun, we do it because it matters. We do it each year because it changes the lives of those around us and gives individuals the support needed to meet their potential. It is about expanding each person’s opportunities and providing the resources needed to live robust and fulfilling lives. And this year, your support is needed more than ever just to sustain the basic daily norms within our community.

With your help, we are confident we can overcome our challenges and fulfill our critical mission to its fullest. Your gift, no matter how small, will make a difference.

Thank you for your consideration.


Sara Greenberg-Hoye 

Chief Advancement Officer

Greystone Programs, Inc.

Skip Pryce

Chief Executive Officer

Greystone Programs, Inc.

Terry Copeland


Greystone Board of Directors

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