Staff Development: An Overview

What are you responsible for at Greystone Programs? 
At Greystone Programs I have a variety of responsibilities that span both the oversight of regulatory requirements related to curriculum development and the delivery of training for staff members as well as a broader more innovative responsibility focused on the continual improvement of professional development opportunities for organizational staff. Additionally, I oversee the progress of our agency’s strategic plan, explore programmatic initiatives to bolster the therapeutic learning environment for individuals we support, and cultivate pathways to enhance educational opportunities for our staff members.  

How has COVID-19 changed the way training and development is conducted? 
The largest impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the staff development department has been in the delivery of training opportunities. Face to face classroom sessions have been temporarily shifted to online learning both through a learning management system and through the use of telecommunications to hold virtual classroom sessions for ongoing professional development. Fortunately, we had been utilizing an online learning management system which positioned us to fully adopt the platform for orientation classes and course offerings when in person classes were postponed. Redesigning in person courses for online learning at the onset of the pandemic was a priority.

What are you most proud of about Greystone Programs’ Staff Development Department? 
Our Staff Development Department is centered on providing a rich and useful array of professional learning experiences for our teaching professionals, frontline supervisors, clinicians, leadership staff, and support departments. Having an understanding of what challenges may affect the individuals served, our staff, or service delivery requirements allows us to not only meet the ever-changing regulatory guidance for staff training but to develop opportunities to enhance program effectiveness and develop a highly skilled workforce ready and able to meet those changing demands. I take pride in knowing that we deliver a wealth of learning opportunities that build the capacity of all staff members as our agency strives to continually innovate service delivery for those we support.

For more information about Staff Development, please contact:
Pattiann LaVeglia M.S. Ed.
845-452-5772, Ext. 140 or 845-705-7484

About Greystone Programs
Celebrating 41 years of excellence, Greystone Programs is dedicated to supporting children, adults and families living with autism and other developmental disabilities by enriching lives one person at a time. Established in 1979 by Marc W. Kelley, Greystone offered the first privately run residence in New York State for people living with autism. Today, Greystone offers exceptional services and life-enriching opportunities for more than 600 children, adults and families living with autism and developmental disabilities in five Hudson Valley counties. To learn more, visit or follow the organization on social media.


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