Normalizing seeking support for mental health takes collective action

May is Mental Awareness month, and many people have been struggling with their mental health with everything that has been going on in the world. To help you stay on track and keep your minds healthy, take a look at these helpful tips.


  1. Get enough sleep, nutrition, and exercise: Focus on these three activities: sleep, nutrition, and exercise to help strengthen your immune system and feel better. —Beth Kanter, author and nonprofit innovator
  2. 2. Engage in activities that provide meaning: Partake in activities that make you feel happy, productive, and challenge your creativity. Whether through drawing, taking an exercise class, going out to dinner with friends, or caring for a pet, spending quality time with those who matter to you can make you feel good. —Jeffrey Borenstein, M.D.
  3. 3. Track gratitude and achievement with a journal: Include three things you were grateful for and three things you were able to accomplish each day. —Mental Health America
  4. 4. Develop coping skills: These are methods you use to deal with stressful situations. They may help you face a problem, take action, be flexible, and not easily give up in solving it. —U.S. National Library of Medicine
  5. 5. Talk back to your inner voice: When your inner voice is giving you really crappy feedback and advice, stop and consider how you would talk to your best friend in this situation. —Korin Miller, writer

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