Montgomery IRA Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Nicole Wallace, Residence Manager for Montgomery IRA, describes for us “What is a Home?” as the folks at Montgomery celebrate one year together.

What is a house? Four walls and a roof, intended to provide shelter from the elements.


A home? That is the place to foster growth. A place that you can be free to be yourself. Where lasting memories are made. Where the loudest laughs and the biggest smiles erupt. Where goals and aspirations are realized, mistakes can be made and learning always continues.   


This is what a regular day looks like in a Greystone residence. Dedicated staff come together to help provide a safe, educational space for individuals to learn and grow -- to ensure that the individuals have access to meaningful, fulfilling days and activities. While we could hang out in front of a television all day (and who doesn’t enjoy a good movie day every now and then?), our days are packed with interaction, education and enjoyment, fostering the well-being and independence of those we support.


Whether it is a cooking lesson where we learn how to prepare a meal, or recreational activities such as our “Family Game Night” or “Paint and Sip” nights to encourage creativity, our staff continue to provide enrichment and realistic life experiences for the individuals.


Just ask Brianna, who has learned to prepare meals by following a recipe, and has perfected her breaded eggplant from memory and independently! Or Brian, who has found a passion for baking and helps to keep the house well stocked with delicious treats, though cupcakes are a favorite that he loves to share. Kyle, who has been gaining independence in household chores and enjoys keeping the residence clean, especially when he can vacuum! Check in with David who has been exploring his artistic side, ensuring we have plenty of wonderful artwork adorning the walls, including some fantastic portraits of those he meets. Michael, who has also been exploring his culinary capabilities, filling our plates with delicious food, including meatballs made fresh and seasoned to perfection! Take a walk with Keyasia, who has developed an affinity with the chickens at the residence, helping to raise them from day-old chicks and always ensures that they are let out in the morning, properly fed and watered, and safely tucked away at night.


This is just a snapshot of life in a Greystone residence. Individuals from different backgrounds, living and growing together, provided with activities and access to things many take for granted. Learning new skills or strengthening current skills, overcoming obstacles and breaking down barriers in their way. At Greystone Programs, fostering independence in each person is at the forefront of everything we do. Our residential settings are not just a place to provide care, but to provide learning opportunities and safe places to practice and master skills so that one day, each person can reach their goals -- whether that is to gain employment or to move on and live on their own. Like Brianna, who has taken skills she has learned in the Montgomery residence, expanded on the many skills she already had and bolstered her confidence. Brianna had a goal to live in her own apartment and with the team at Montgomery, she focused on the skills she needed to reach her goal. Currently working, Brianna has taken the steps needed to learn tasks such as financial management and expanding her cooking repertoire, and with support from staff and her family, she has now obtained her own apartment and is living independently.


For Greystone Programs, it isn’t enough to provide four walls and a roof. Just ask the Montgomery crew. This isn’t just a house. The Montgomery IRA is their home and they are enjoying every minute of it.


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