A DSP Success Story of Kaitlyn Tanda

I began my career with Greystone in January 2019, when a friend of mine who has a sister with a developmental disability who I was close with asked if I would be interested in working with her one on one as a mentor through Greystone’s Comm Hab program. Within the program we were able to go out on community outings and work on goals she had set in place for herself to work on her independence within her home. 

As I had no previous experience within the field of working with individuals with developmental disabilities, I was concerned at first that I would not be able to offer her the support she needed, but from the start, it was a perfect match and we were able to accomplish a lot together. I knew that there was more for me within the field that I could offer, and was eager to pursue my career within the industry.

During my time as mentor, I was completely supported by the Com Hab supervisors through Greystone, who were always available to answer any questions that I had and assist with any struggles I might be facing. So when I saw that there were positions to go full time within the agency, I was eager to jump in!

In February 2020, I was given the opportunity to come on full time as the Assistant Residence Manager of one of the homes that is supported by Greystone. It was my first experience in Residential Services and a turning point in my career as well. The training, support and motivation that was given from the DSP staff in the home, all the way to the CEO was one of the most welcoming and inviting that I have received in any job before. There was always an answer to any question, no matter the time of day. 

Low and behold, less than a month after I started my role in residential, we were all blown away by the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic. Suddenly, things were changing quickly and everyone needed to adapt to the situation to best support the needs of those we support. I was lucky to have had the support from everyone at Greystone to ensure that we were able to keep everyone safe, happy and healthy.

In August 2020, the Residence Manager role in the home I worked in opened. Though it was a big step, I made the decision to apply and was granted the position. As I transitioned from assistant manager to residence manager, I was guided and supported from my peers, professional development team and my direct supervisors that has grown me into a strong, professional leader to support and guide my own team. 

I am extremely grateful to Greystone for taking a chance on someone new to the field, and guiding me with the core values and extensive training. Working with a team who functions so well, and truly cares about their work and the people they support will continue to provide a strong foundation for all the individuals that are in the care of Greystone. I look forward to my future with Greystone, and hope to continue to grow to provide the best care I can for the men and staff alike to motivate them to be the best they are able to be.


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