DSP Success Story: Jordan Stewart

“My career journey with Greystone has been a great experience. To be honest, when I started with Greystone, I did not think it would lead to where I am today. I heard about Greystone through a friend that worked there, and she told me about an opening for a Mentor position. I decided to apply upon graduating from SUNY New Paltz in December of 2018, and accepted an offer to be a Mentor, which is responsible for working one-on-one with a child, adolescent or adult with an intellectual or developmental disabilities in their home or their local community.
From day one, and during new hire orientation, I noted that Greystone was different from other agencies that I have worked for in the past. It felt right and the culture of caring was evident. Everyone I interacted with truly lived the core values of the agency and was passionate about the mission.
After being a Mentor, I became interested in Applied Behavior Analysis after experiencing the rewarding work that ABA specialist had on those in our care. An opportunity presented itself, and I heard about the ABA position that opened up, and decided to apply. Shortly after an offer was made and I accepted the position as an ABA Specialist. Because of Greystone Programs, it afforded me the chance to witness the amazing world of ABA therapy, and it piqued my interest and solidified my career path with Greystone. In fact, I ended up switching my Degree program from Education to Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism. My time as an ABA Specialist gave me a chance to learn so much from interacting with the individuals we support.
When a Behavior Specialist position opened, I thought it would be a great learning and growing opportunity as I was looking to further my career. Therefore, thanks to Greystone, I was given an opportunity as a Behavior Specialist. As part of my career development, I attend Graduate School part-time and a lot of what I am learning is around what I did as an ABA Specialist and what I will be doing as a Behavior Specialist.
I am very thankful to work with an amazing team of people at Greystone Programs, especially the behavior department team. I am fortunate to work in diverse and unique residential settings allowing me to make a difference, and enrich the lives of those in our care. I am also thankful for a supportive supervisor, Liz Carino, Director of Behavioral Supports. She takes the time to answer my questions and walk-through different situations to maximize outcomes. I am excited for the future and grateful to be part of an organization that provides opportunities for all.”


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