Who will take care of my family member when I am no longer here or able to? This question and so many others keep many families up at night. When there is a child or sibling with autism and/or an intellectual/developmental disability, there are countless unknowns that families are required to plan for. For example, Rich’s story, Rich lived with his mother, and when she passed away, he lived alone in the family home under the care of his brother who would check in on him. His brother knew he needed to find a forever home for Rich to live. When he could no longer care for him, he called Greystone Programs. Greystone immediately stepped in to help Rich, whose dream was to continue to have his own home.  

Rich has been living at Greystone’s Universal IRA for many years in a supported apartment built just for him. Rich has told his staff, “I want to be independent and live on my own.” He is a skilled and capable gentleman who benefits from a supported apartment where staff check in daily to ensure he takes his medications, cooks, cleans, and supports himself. With the services and support that Greystone offers, Rich is able to thrive. He participates in our supported employment program, where he receives supervision, counseling, and training, which in return led to a paid employment position. For the past 13 years, Rich has worked for the Facilities Department of Greystone Programs. He takes great pride in his work, and we can see how much he enjoys having this responsibility. Marie Nester, a former Program Coordinator at Universal IRA, wrote, “Rich is a giver and has a big heart; Greystone helped him come out of his shell. Greystone made his dreams come true.” 

After joining the Greystone family, Rich has become an active member of his community. He rides his bike daily, and walks to work, the grocery store, and around town. Rich also participates in Project Fame, a day program without walls where he volunteers in the local community. Because this wasn’t always the case, his brother knew he needed help. Now, Rich is well-known in the community, attending weekly Sunday mass and every Marist home Football and Soccer game. He has formed many friendships over the years, and most importantly, he lives a rich and rewarding life.

Thanks to the support and programs received by Greystone, Rich now has an extended family for life!  

His family can rest at night, knowing his needs are met in his forever home. Please consider making a gift in honor of Rich to give all individuals supported by Greystone Programs the home of their dreams this holiday season. He is just one member of our family that has experienced tremendous success due to the support, and services we provide. We need your support; your donation and generosity allow Greystone to enrich the lives of individuals with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities. Everyone deserves to lead the life they choose.