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Jennifer Jennifer

Winter 2021


Dear Greystone Supporter,

Imagine waking up in a nursing home room, all by yourself, all day, every day. Your needs are not being fulfilled; you’re confused, miss your family and feel lost. Meet Jennifer, a sweet and gentle young woman with autism who found herself in this exact scenario. Jennifer found herself in the situation when her mother passed away, and she moved to Buffalo with family members.


Emergency Medical Services were called several times, and each time the hospitals provided improper support to Jennifer or her family. One day, EMS was called and decided to bring Jennifer to a different hospital, hoping to get more help. This hospital placed her in a nursing home and the state took custody of Jennifer. A nursing home is not equipped to care for a young woman in her thirties diagnosed with autism. She deserves a full life filled with love, socialization and personal care. She does not deserve to sit alone, isolated and depressed in an empty room all day by herself. This is where Greystone comes in, to help make Jennifer’s life and her family’s life better.


Today, Jennifer lives at Greystone’s Orchard View home where she is developing skills in a therapeutic environment to become a productive member of her community. She is now able to pour herself a glass of iced tea, heat up a simple meal in the microwave and has a circle of support that makes this growth possible. She also now has access to the community where she enjoys visiting the local pet store to play with the cats. In addition, she is now an active participant in our expressive arts and music therapy program. 


Jennifer is one of the 600 individuals living with autism or other intellectual/developmental disabilities for whom Greystone Programs provides life-enriching services. Supporters like YOU are the reason we are able to help more people like Jennifer, providing homes and services they need to live a full life.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for all of us; however, this does not stop us from working hard every day to support children, adults and families who need us most. Every gift makes an impact, and yours will make a huge difference for an individual living an enriched life in the comfort of a Greystone-supported home.


Please consider making a gift -- no gift is too small! You can also make a monthly donation to ensure that the vital services Greystone provides to people like Jennifer continue through 2022.


We thank you in advance for your generous contribution of any size. Know that your gift will make a life-changing impact on individuals and families in your community living with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities. 


Happy Holidays,

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